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Active from 2007 to 2014, omegaZmusic was the focus of Zach “OmegaZ” Watkins’ popular music efforts. Beginning with “Centering,” a new-age album of piano music, omegaZmusic released ten albums and EPs covering a wide variety of styles. Though most are now archived, some recordings remain available on this site.

OmegaZ still plays keys, writes beats, produces and records. These days, his work can be primarily heard in collaborations with Sacramento Hip-Hop legend, Mr. P Chill.

OmegaZ in P Chill's recording studio
OmegaZ and P Chill

Cooking up amazing beats in the studio (2017)

Mr. Hooper and OmegaZ

Rockin' the Hip Hop Helps benefit show in December (2016)


Hard at work with Mr. P Chill (2016)

OmegaZ with Mr. Hooper

Mr. Hooper & Co. after winning CSUS' Battle of The Bands (2014)


Performing at Sacramento's historic Old Ironsides (Summer 2014)

Sacramento Skyline

The Sacramento skyline for "Soundtrack Without A Movie" (2010)

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