works for piano

Zodiac for Orchestra

These pieces are an ode from the composer to the 'night music' works by the same name of the 19th-century. Watkins leans deep into his neo-romantic side to combine romantic-era styles with modern jazz harmonies. The result is three deeply moving, occasionally bombastic, often quiet, and always graceful works for solo piano. Premiered in 2019 by Jennifer Reason at the 42nd annual Festival of New American Music.

Total performance time: 14 minutes.

Three Nocturnes (2017)

for Solo Piano

I. Reversion

II. Subversion

III. Introversion

Zodiac for Orchestra

12 Intervalic Studies (1997)

for Solo Piano

A collection of études with varying difficulty and styles. Infused with wit and charm, each of these 2–3 minute pieces focuses on a different interval. ideal for students, these pieces can be performed individually, in any combination, or in their entirety as a full cycle. Premiered in 1999 by Richard Mercier. 

Total performance time: 30 minutes.

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