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Selections From "No Exit"

Selections From "No Exit"


20 minutes; for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, and Baritone with Piano accompaniment.

(Please direct inquiries about performances of the full No Exit opera here.)

These four excerpts are from the composer's minimalist one-act opera, No Exit. This adaptation of philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre’s  existentialist play, Huis Clos, places three deceased characters (Estelle, Inès, and Garcin) literally in Hell. The opera’s accessible harmonic material contrasts starkly with its dark subject matter, a musical illustration of the characters’ deep denial about their circumstances.


In “The Fight,” the trio quarrels about where they are and why. “Let Me Be Your Mirror” sees Inès attempt to seduce Estelle. During “Beloved And Damned,” Garcin and Inès reveal the true reasons why they have been condemned, as does Estelle in “My Lover Wasn't Poor.”


  • The Fight (Trio)
  • Let Me Be Your Mirror (Duet)
  • Beloved and Damned (Shared Aria)
  • My Lover Wasn’t Poor (Aria)
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