works for voice

Collected New Art Songs (2018)

for Mezzo Soprano and Piano. Various texts.

Epitaph For Fire And Flower 

I Am The Only Being

If Thou Must Love Me

The Lake


Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

Time To Come 


A collection of new art songs for Mezzo with piano accompaniment. Featuring the poetry of: Sylvia Plath, Emily Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edgar Allan Poe, E. E. Cummings, Walt Whitman, and an original text by the composer. With a flair for neo-romantic familiarity and a spice of jazz harmonies and rhythms, these pieces can be performed in any combination or order. Premieres: Carrie Hennessey (2019), Goat Hall Productions (2018), and Katzenduo (2018)

Total Performance time: 35 minutes.


More Songs of Woe (1998)

for Mezzo Soprano and Piano. Origianl text.

I. Lament

II. Loss

III. Hopelessness

IV. Betrayal

V. Apathy

Woe: a condition of deep suffering. This five-song cycle utilizes the darker mezzo soprano voice timber to explore an inner world of Depression, sending deep chills through the audience. A word of caution: the mood and thematic material of More Songs of Woe may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please consider your audience carefully before programming. Premiered in 1999 by Meghan Dibble. 

Performance time: 10 minutes.


The Siren’s Lure (1998)

for Soprano and Piano. Original text.

I. My Island

II. Waiting

III. Sailor Come Near

IV. Beware the Waves

V. My Sailor

The Sirens of ancient Greek mythology were beautiful and dangerous women. With their songs, they lured sailors to their deaths on rocky coasts. In this haunting modern cycle, the siren is a sympathetic figure, desperate to end her loneliness. The songs are tragic from the initial a capella opening to the saddened ending as the siren resumes her search after another unfortunate sailor’s death. Premiered in 1999 by Caroline Jou.

Performance time: 12 minutes.

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