The art of digital engraving is a highly specialized skill. Qualitatively different from music copying, engraving is the preparation of musical type and examples for publication and reproduction. Music engraving was originally done on metal plates, a process that dates back to the 16th century. As technology progressed, so did engraving tools. In the 19th century, music typewriters were invented. And now, modern day engravers work with computer software to achieve the same clearly legible, professional result.


Academics, composers, and arrangers have exacting needs; music reproductions and printings must be made with absolute precision and clarity.  Local church and community choir directors are also well-served by the legibility standards in engraved music and benefit from the quick turnaround time of an experienced hand. And for students, engraved musical examples add a professional touch to papers that are far easier to work with than scans or cut-and-paste copying.

Watkins’ digital engravings have been used in academic journals, for university opera productions, and church choirs. His self-published catalog of works under the Watford Press imprint demonstrates the quality of craft a client can expect.

For larger projects, please contact the engraver to receive a quote based on a $0.25 frame rate and/or $25 per hour.

Small-jobs pricing levels are listed below:


Digital engraving for academic and professional use. Includes initial set-up fee and eight (8) hours of time. $25 for each hour thereafter. Close co-ordination with the client ensures accuracy and satisfaction of the highest quality. 


The ideal option for music directors of churches and schools, as well as community choirs. Includes reduced cost set-up fee and four (4) hours of professional digital engraving. $25 for each hour therafter.


No set-up fee. Price covers an example of up to 8 bars in length, one or two staves. For more extensive examples, please inquire. Discount for mulitple examples ordered.

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