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The Sailor and The Siren


20 minutes; for Baritone and Piano & Soprano and Piano. Text by the composer.

The Sirens of ancient Greek mythology were beautiful and dangerous women. With their songs, they lured sailors to their deaths on rocky coasts. These two modern song cycles are companion sets with whole tone-based harmony. In the first, the baritone is The Sailor—a man on his ship who, unlike Odysseus, falls victim to the sirens’ call. In the second cycle, the soprano is a sympathetic siren figure, desperate to end her loneliness. She sings of her tragic station, lamenting her part in the sad deaths she causes.

The Sailor (baritone)

  1. Standing Proud Atop Deck

  2. Bright Stars

  3. The Siren

  4. All Hands Make Sail

  5. Sing To Me

The Siren (soprano)

  1. My Island

  2. Waiting

  3. Sailor Come Near

  4. Beware The Waves

  5. My Sailor

Premiered in 1999 by baritone James Gilman and soprano Caroline Jou Armitage.

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