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Woe Songs

Woe Songs


20 minutes; for Soprano and Piano & Mezzo Soprano and Piano. Text by the composer.

Woe: a condition of deep suffering. Watkins wrote two song cycles on this theme during his tumultuous early twenties: Songs of Woe in 1997 and More Songs of Woe the following year. Both cycles utilize original text to explore an inner world of depression and suffering that sends deep chills through the audience. All ten songs have been collected in this single Watford Press volume.


A word of caution: the mood and thematic material of Songs of Woe may not be appropriate for everyone. Please consider your audience carefully before programming material from these cycles.



Songs of Woe (soprano)

  • Preamble

  • Insanity

  • Sanctuary

  • Face

  • Violation

More Songs of Woe (mezzo-soprano)

  • Lament

  • Loss

  • Hopelessness

  • Betrayal

  • Apathy

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