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Spanning multiple decades, these are the sounds of omegaZmusic.

“Centering” by Zach Watkins. Sixteen tracks of soothing, meditative piano music. These original compositions are a wonderful aid to relaxation as background music during a massage, or as a personal soundtrack for meditative moments.

“Remastered” by Various ArtistsAn EP of omegaZmusic favorites. Seven years of sounds and styles, remixed and remastered. Includes collaborations with Hiphoprisy5, Nonny Rae, and Mr. P Chill as well as the spoken word ‘Healing’ by OmegaZ that started it all.

“Soundtrack Without A Movie” by OmegaZ. The first full-length album of producer OmegaZ’s own customary epic electronica. With guest appearances by guitarist Dan Paul and bassist D-Lucca.

“Lost” by OmegaZ. A loss is devastating. For an artist, the destruction of work can be as painful as a death. OmegaZ was in-process on a new Trip-Hop album when a hard drive crashed wiped out years of work and archives. These three demo mix recordings are all that have survived.

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